So I’m late to the game I know this. However, I need to talk about a product that has revived not only my Lunarglides, but also my Jordan XI’s. Jason Markk is the a shoe cleaner that I can say without a doubt I would use on any shoe with no worry whatsoever. Below are my favorite Koston’s. Mid Red’s. I made the mistake of wearing them in Portland and stepped on some grass that was hiding a muddy pit. This happened months ago. Below is the before and after using the Markk! Beautiful!

That’s all just had to let everyone know that if you aren’t sure what cleaner is real trust me this one is. Stop using shout wipes, stop wiping with a basic rag, and Markk it up. (lame I know but just pumped half my shoes look new again!)




Ronnie Fieg Gel Saga are a summer staple. And this year is no different with the partnership with Kith x Diamond Supply Co.

The shoe sports the Tiffany Blue that Diamond Supply Colabs are known for and hype-beast every where rejoice for another shoe that they will not obtain.

But it all seriousness the shoe looks gorgeous and if like any of the other Fieg’s we know the quality will be out of this world. The only question you need to be asking your self is how long will you keep them on ice before you hit the street in them.



The holidays are a special time of the year. They are special because footwear, footwear, and footwear! We anxiously away to launch of great things and today usually marks the pinnacle of that with a Jordan XI. The ‘Legend Blue’ Air Jordan Retro came out absolutely gorgeous! There is always a draw back to an all white shoe. Dirt, scuff etc. etc. But this is a shoe that is worth all of that.

Now to add more beauty to the eye but an emptiness to the pocket Nike is also releasing a Holiday pack. The Beautiful Pantone XI, as well as a XX9. There has been a lot of chatter of a $500 pack being a little crazy but it is not going to stop people from picking it up! The photos of the final product looks great are posted down below.



Being able to be in NY during the US Open is a privilege. For anyone who has not been able to witness tennis live is missing out on an amazing spectator sport. The speed and the athleticism is incredible.

One such athlete who seems to be dominating the tennis world has partnered with a man who already dominated the basketball world. Those two men are Rodger Federer and Michael Jordan. According to Jordan with his first meeting with Federer Jordan says that one of Federer favorite shoe of the Jordan line was the III with that the collab began.

Taking the Zoom Vapor 9, an amazing functional Tennis shoe (It is important that it is functional because it needs to be able to be played in), and some amazing design skills and the Zoom Vapor 9 (III White/Cement) was born.

Currently the shoe is slated for a Aug 27th Launch but stay tuned to your local sneaker shops for more!