Heat Wave Sunglasses: Dope Accessories


Sunglasses are one of those items that people spend way to much money on for no reason. Yes, I admit that I have fallen victim through out the years, Oakley, Spy, Tom Ford, and RayBan. I’ve had em all. And what for to just lose them at a pool party to call the next day pretending that the bartender is going to tell me that he has found them but in realty he tell’s me no one has turned them in as hes wearing them.

But I digress. Heat Wave offers really dope affordable option with some sick designs. Designs that include straight clear to elephant print, Hello Jordan 3. I’m not saying that they are sporting a brand new style that you have never seen. But they offer a classic style that will look good at any pool party or beach. This is not a sponsored post, I’m just tired of losing my glasses and decided to look into some brands that offer affordable eye wear. Check out Heat Wave now and pick something up.




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