Jason Markk: You Save Soles


So I’m late to the game I know this. However, I need to talk about a product that has revived not only my Lunarglides, but also my Jordan XI’s. Jason Markk is the a shoe cleaner that I can say without a doubt I would use on any shoe with no worry whatsoever. Below are my favorite Koston’s. Mid Red’s. I made the mistake of wearing them in Portland and stepped on some grass that was hiding a muddy pit. This happened months ago. Below is the before and after using the Markk! Beautiful!

That’s all just had to let everyone know that if you aren’t sure what cleaner is real trust me this one is. Stop using shout wipes, stop wiping with a basic rag, and Markk it up. (lame I know but just pumped half my shoes look new again!)




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