Loyal K.N.G. Streets of Mandess TMNT


We we first started in 2009 we featured a company, it is only right during the kick off to see what these guys have been up to. Loyal K.N.G. has been doing huge things, then and now, and their newest design has me pumped beyond belief!

“It’s pizza time over here at Loyal K.N.G. with our favorite mutant turtles getting their new revamp into HD on the BIG SCREEN. And to celebrate the occasion we special delivered a new T-Shirt that bro-fists the TMNT universe we know and love with a beat-em up video game series that has also long fought to protect the civilians of New York — the world of Streets of Rage!

Can the turtle brothers alongside their bare-knuckled buddies April and Splinter take on the maniacal Shredder (AKA: Mr. X) and his vast army of cretin minions!? Lets select our shirts and insert our quarters to find out together!”

Head on over to LoyalK.N.G. now and pre-order this shirt you will be glad that you did!

Get ready, because next week we are going to be sitting down with the founder of Loyal K.N.G. to get all the update awesomeness that their camp is doing over there! So stay tuned!





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