Q-Tip and Hip Hop, Why it Was So Important


If you haven’t heard; Q-Tip sent Iggy Azaela to school. Not in a way that most would be call a beef but in a way that most need to approach Hip Hop. This came from an attack/beef after Azealia Banks criticized Iggy on Hot 97 days ago. Iggy Struck back but soon after Q-Tip thought he would school the Australian Rapper on the fundamental ideology of the rap game. The highlight of the tweets, which can still be found on Q-Tips’ Twitter, was summed up by this following tweet:


Rappers like Q-Tip understand the history of where the rap game has been come from. So often we see these club bangers, one-hit, repetitive beats, and those are fine, but lets not forget where we came from and that true art and poetry are the root of this expression.


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