1. a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth


Being on the west coast we are experience the New Year later than most. Being able to relish in the last moments of 2014 is something I actually enjoy doing. It give me an opportunity to actually think about what I’m going to miss about 2014, what I’m glad is done with in 2014, and the exciting future ahead of me in 2015. Too often you hear people say “Don’t look back” but looking back allows us to see what we accomplished and what we didn’t and the hopes of creating better in the future.

With that being said, Next year I look forward to all the amazing brands that are going to be created by the people out of their bedrooms and garages. I look forward to all the musicians who are going to take the chance and post that song that they have been hesitant to produce. All the artist, who are going to express themselves on the canvas and on  the streets. StreetLore is about all these things. We are in the streets who speak the truths, and in that purist form share that knowledge with each other. So when I think about 2014 I think about that. I think about the lore of the last year. The old and the new stories, the traditions , and the knowledge we have gained. All I can say is, 2015 is going to be a great year.


What to look for in the begining of 2015:

One on One with the owner of P4P Shoes

Loyal KNG; The Past, The Present and The Future

Up Close with the Founder of SilenceNoGood.com

Up and Coming Clothing Company


We we first started in 2009 we featured a company, it is only right during the kick off to see what these guys have been up to. Loyal K.N.G. has been doing huge things, then and now, and their newest design has me pumped beyond belief!

“It’s pizza time over here at Loyal K.N.G. with our favorite mutant turtles getting their new revamp into HD on the BIG SCREEN. And to celebrate the occasion we special delivered a new T-Shirt that bro-fists the TMNT universe we know and love with a beat-em up video game series that has also long fought to protect the civilians of New York — the world of Streets of Rage!

Can the turtle brothers alongside their bare-knuckled buddies April and Splinter take on the maniacal Shredder (AKA: Mr. X) and his vast army of cretin minions!? Lets select our shirts and insert our quarters to find out together!”

Head on over to LoyalK.N.G. now and pre-order this shirt you will be glad that you did!

Get ready, because next week we are going to be sitting down with the founder of Loyal K.N.G. to get all the update awesomeness that their camp is doing over there! So stay tuned!






    Well the good news we are back! It would of been sooner but someone was squatting on the domain but we got it back and we are ready to rock! We have some really cool things coming up and planned for the re-launch. Some awesome partnerships with some other blogs, old friends, new friends, and contests everywhere you look! This is going to be an exciting time and We can’t wait to bring you the heat on the daily! Stay Tuned because, the way I see it we have only just begun!