Today the Future Becomes the Past Pt.2



Hover Boards.

I wanted to do a piece on Hover Boards. For one, skateboarding is a huge passion of mine, and two, the concept is freaking sweet.

We have seen a lot of concepts come out and they all look really neat for what they are trying to bring to the table. Lexus came the closest but real world application just isn’t there. I want something I can cruise on. that I can take downtown and shred the pavement. So although cool, maybe we just aren’t there yet for practical use, until I stumbled across a company simply called HoverBoard.

Now we have all seen those drift boards. people gliding around but I’ve always wanted something more skateboardesque. Now the Hoverboard Technologies board doesn’t actually hover but is more like a drift skateboard with a singular wheel and the concept is not only interesting but it looks amazing as well. The specs on this board are pretty impressive:

Charge time: 16 Minutes

Charge Last: 12 Miles

Speed: 16MPH !!

Weight: 25lbs

The Hoverboard is an impressive piece of technology and comes with all the fixings. Included with  this are customized wheels and lights, speakers to create a gnarly sound track for your day, and eventually possible wheel changes (off road perhaps?!). Here is the video that the Hoverboard Technologies team produced for their Kickstarter campaign:

Now you aren’t going to be taking this board down halfpipes anytime soon, but cruising around town, absolutely! With all this amazing tech and design does come with a hefty price tag. The Kickstarter Campaign is now over but the pre-order price was $3,775. I’m thinking the consumer version will be around $4,000. Even so if you can take out a small loan and pay bit by bit, it may just be worth it. I look forward to seeing the demo days that these guys have in store.

(Although the campaign didn’t reach funding Hoverboard Technologies still has every intention on releasing this product in Summer 16)




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